6 Easy Ways to Get Visibility to Your Old Posts

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You’ve been writing content on your site for awhile now. Great work! Chances are you have the most recent posts listed on your home page and your blog is most likely date-based, too. Those old posts are still valid though! Let’s talk about how to put that older content to work and get visibility to those old posts.

How you can create content for your website

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Working on a new website? Awesome! How’s that content coming? Not so good? No worries. There are lots of ways to generate content for your website.

Help! I’m not getting any leads from my new website


Last week I was talking with someone who was disappointed that they weren’t getting any leads from their new website. Building a website and adding a lot of keywords is no longer the sum total amount of work there is to be done for your online presence. Let’s talk about what else you can (and should!) be doing.

Creating a Thank You Page in WordPress and Redirecting Your Contact Form

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You have a contact form on your website, right? Great. Today I want to show you how to create a redirect so that when a visitor fills out the form, they’re automatically redirected to a thank you page. (It sounds a bit complicated, but I promise, it’s not.)

Adding an Email Opt-in to your WordPress Contact Form Using MailChimp and Caldera Forms

Email Opt-in with Caldera Forms and Mailchimp

Want to learn how to add an email opt-in to your WordPress contact form using MailChimp and Caldera Forms? Then you’re in the right place.

Themes & Plugins in my WordPress Toolkit

Themes and plugins in my WordPress toolkit (Ireland)

One of the great things about WordPress is there are ENDLESS themes and plugins for your website. To streamline my process, I have a preferred toolkit. Let’s take a look.

9 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website Today

Securing your WordPress website

You spent a lot of time and money on your new website (it looks great btw). Now let’s talk about keeping that baby secure — because nothing is more difficult to deal with than a hacked site.

5 Quick Wins to Start the New Year Right

Celebration confetti

It’s the new year! Here are five quick tasks you can do RIGHT NOW to start the new year off right. (Plus two bonus tasks for you overachievers out there.)

2018 Year In Review

2018 Year in Review Carnival Ride

Before we get too far into 2019, I want to take a moment to reflect on the wild ride that was 2018.

Updating Plugins, Themes and WordPress

Updating plugins, themes, WordPress, ocean

Have plugins, themes or WordPress that need to be updated but you aren’t sure how? Read on for a description of how to do so (or watch the video!).

Taking Your Own WordPress Backups with UpdraftPlus

Taking your own WordPress backups - mountains and sunrise

It’s really important to take backups of your WordPress site. Today I’ll walk you through how to do this with UpdraftPlus.

Helpful Tools for Social Media Management


It’s 2018 and we all know social media is the place to be. But how do you find the time to post often and consistently? With tools.