Finish your content — the ultimate guide for your service-based small business website

One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is content creation. Often, business owners don’t know what content they need on their site or how to write it. This easy-to-use framework will remove the guesswork and uncertainty so that you can finally finish your content.

Creating an Email Sequence with MailerLite

MailerLite is my new favorite email marketing platform! Today I want to show you how to create an automated email sequence with MailerLite and add a sign up form to your WordPress website.

Getting Started with Email Marketing on your WordPress Website

In my WordPress Pittsburgh presentation on email marketing, we discussed why businesses should use email marketing, choosing an email marketing platform, setting up your email marketing account, adding forms and popups to your website to get people on the list, when to email people and what to say and driving people back to your website.

29 Sign Up Forms + What I’ve Learned From Them

Today we’re going to look at 29 different examples of sign up forms — forms asking a visitor to sign up for a newsletter or to receive a free resource. There’s a ton we can learn from these by looking at where they’re located, what they contain and what they promise.

Email Marketing in the Wild with Spoonwood Brewing

Over the weekend I visited Spoonwood Brewing in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. As soon as I sat down, I noticed a call to action to sign up for their email list. I LOVE seeing email marketing in the wild. Let’s walk through each piece of the puzzle and I’ll show you how I think Spoonwood is doing everything right.

Design & Build Your Own Webpage

In my course at Westmoreland College on building a webpage with HTML and CSS, we selected a topic, wrote content, sketched a layout on paper, gathered images and built an awesome page! Here are the notes from the course.

A Recap of WordCamp Kent

This past weekend I attended WordCamp Kent. WordCamp Kent was the very first WordCamp I attended two years ago in 2017. It made a HUGE impression on me and I was really excited to go back this year. Here’s a recap of all the great people I met and things I learned.

Freelancer Finances, My WordCamp Kent Presentation

Calling all freelancers! Whether you focus on design, development, content creation or marketing, there’s more to freelancing than just being good at your trade. In order to be able to service your clients, you have to keep YOUR business running and that means getting those finances in order. Join me for my WordCamp Kent presentation.

How to add a top menu in the free Astra WordPress theme

Astra is one of my new favorite themes. Recently I needed to add a top menu (above the standard header menu) without using Astra Pro. I was able to write and add some code to show the menu pretty quickly. Learn how!