Helpful Tools for Social Media Management


It’s 2018 and we all know social media is the place to be. But how do you find the time to post often and consistently? With tools.

Speed up your website with GZip compression

Speed up website with GZip compression rushing water

If you maintain your own website, you should know about GZip compression. GZip compression is an easy way to speed up your website in under five minutes.

How to Update PHP for your WordPress Website

Update PHP WordPress

PHP is an important part of your WordPress website. Today I’ll cover what exactly PHP is, how to check what version of PHP you’re running and how to update PHP (if needed).

A 15 point checklist to test your website for the best user experience

Northern lights

You have a new website and it’s almost done. What now? This –> a 15 point checklist to test your website for the best user experience. Below I’ll walk you through everything you should look at before you call your site done and release it for the world.

Using the WordPress REST API to get blog posts from another site

Blue keyboard

If you’ve been around the WordPress space for awhile, you’ve probably heard of the WordPress REST API. If you’ve done any research, you may have been really intimidated by what you found — namely, a LOT of technical jargon and seemingly no clear path on how to actually use it. Today I’m going to show you (the absolute beginner) how to use it.

What is a WordPress staging site? (And do I need one?)

What is a WordPress staging site?

Have you heard of WordPress staging sites? Know what they are and if you need one? If the answer is no, don’t worry. I’ll give you all the info, plus show you how to create one.