Want to learn how to add an email opt-in to your WordPress contact form using MailChimp and Caldera Forms? Then you’re in the right place.

Getting started

You’ll need a MailChimp account and the following plugins:

  • Caldera Forms
  • The MailChimp Add On for Caldera Forms (this is a paid option that you can buy separately or choose as part of their Pro service)
  • License Manager (once you install the other two, you’ll get prompted for this)

Install and activate the plugins, then add your license key in the license manager.

Creating a contact form

Now it’s time to create a contact form. Look under Caldera Forms, Forms, Add New. There are various templates; pick the first one — the contact form template.

All of the fields you need will be added automatically except the checkbox. Under Add Field, select Checkbox. Drag it right above the Submit button.

Give the field a name (like Optin) and add an descriptive option that makes your visitor want to check the box to get on your list!


Save the form, then look under Processors. Add a processor and choose the MailChimp processor. You’ll see an area to paste your API key — go ahead and do that. (You can create a new API key in MailChimp under Account, Extras, API keys.)

Once you add the API key, you’ll see a dropdown for list. Choose the list you want people to be added to, then match up all the fields between your contact form and your MailChimp account – first name to first name, last name to last name, email address to email address.

Lastly, you’ll need to add a condition. Click use in the dropdown, then add a conditional group. Configure it to say if “optin” is “yes, sign me up for the list” then save the form.

Add your form to the contact page

Go to your contact page and add the form there. Publish the page and then take a look at the checkbox. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Don’t forget to do some testing to make sure everything is working properly and that you actually get added to the list!

Oooh, a video!

Prefer to watch instead? No worries — I have you covered.

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