New Website & Training for Synergy Springs Soul Center

Jennifer Schwartz-Flack owns and operates Synergy Springs Soul Center, a facility offering a holistic multidisciplinary approach to healing focused on the soul or the “center” of a person.

Synergy Springs had a previous site built with Webflow which was difficult to update and didn’t offer the additional functionality that they wanted — the ability to post events and sell tickets.

I was able to help Jenny and her staff by:

  • Coordinating with their new hosting provider and building a new WordPress site
  • Recommending a Genesis child theme with design to fit their goals
  • Advising on a site map, layout and content
  • Integrating with The Events Calendar Pro and Ticketing so that they can create events and sell tickets online
  • Creating redirects from the old site
  • Managing the project — keeping everyone on task and delivering the website on time
  • Training via Zoom and Loom videos

Here’s what Gwen had to say about the project:

When we first started the project, our biggest concern was if we would be able to convey to Rene what we were looking for. Rene took provided samples and ideas. She pointed us in a direction to make simple decisions and then she ran from there, maximizing the site using the little information we provided and her amazing skills and know how.

Something I learned is that there was a lot of input necessary from both Rene and us. In all businesses we get busy and side tracked. Rene had a professional way of keeping us on task whenever we had those curveballs.

Rene is a super person and great to work with. We love everything that she has done for us and we will definitely recommend her to others.

Synergy Springs home page
Synergy Springs home page
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