Plugin Development for Amplify Plugins

Scott DeLuzio is an Arizona-based plugin developer who owns Amplify Plugins, a suite of plugins including WP CRM System, Conditional Checkout Fields, Full Screen Background Images, Privacy WP, Quick Checkout and WP 1099.

Scott and I met at WordCamp Minneapolis in 2018 and he contacted me a few months later with an enhancement project for WP CRM System.

WP CRM System had a lot of great features including easy contact and project management from within your WordPress site, integration with popular applications like Zapier and Gravity Forms as well as invoicing and client portal functionality, but the reporting features were lacking.

The current version had static reports for projects, tasks, opportunities, organizations, contacts and campaigns, but Scott really wanted users to be able to drill down and find exactly the data they needed.

I was able to help by giving the user choices to generate dynamic reports. For example when searching tasks, the user can select by due date (all, upcoming, overdue), progress (all, 0-100% complete), priority (all, low, medium, high, none) and so on.

Reporting options for tasks

We’ve also continued to work together on Quick Checkout where I’ve addressed a few issues. Both projects included using a local development side, GitHub and coding in PHP and JavaScript.

Here’s what Scott has to say about working together.

My biggest concern before working with Rene was that I needed a developer who could take a project and run with it without too much “hand holding.” Part of why I needed Rene’s help is because I just don’t have the time to do all the work on my own. I was very happy after our first project to see how she communicated reasonable expectations in terms of turnaround time, cost, etc. The projects Rene has worked on for me have all been done well, on time and within the agreed upon cost. I am very pleased by the outcome of the projects so far.

Rene is great at communication and timeliness. She is very thorough with her communication, and even utilizes various methods of communication that will best convey a message. If there is unexpected behavior on screen, she’s recorded videos showing the behavior instead of trying to describe it in words. The communication is always clear, which I value highly. She has also always been able to give me an accurate date that she would be able to get a project done by, which I really appreciate.

Rene has a great work ethic, and strong development skills. If you want your project to be done well and on time, Rene is the right person for the job!

Have a project like this and need someone who can help? Look no further.