Tom Imerito

Tom Imerito

Tom Imerito is a writer in Pittsburgh, PA. At once drawn to the wonders of modern technology and the mysteries of times long past, Tom’s writing centers on the conflicts between science and superstition, reason and religion, faith and doubt.

Tom’s new book, Heretic’s Prayer, was just released, and he was looking for a website to promote it. Not only did he have a design in mind and vision for the site, he also wanted to:

  • Showcase the newly-published book and another upcoming book with covers, summaries, previews and kudos for each
  • Engage readers with other writings — blog posts and short stories
  • Allow readers to share his work on social media
  • Collect emails to alert readers to new articles and releases
  • Update and maintain the site easily

Visit his new site at

Tom had the following to say about the project:

Working with Rene was a delight! Fast on the uptake. Quick turnaround. Speedy responses. Easy explanations. Creative. Collaborative. Thorough. Patient. From finding the perfect theme and the right plugins to re-writing code to make the impossible possible, Rene works WordPress like a magician.