Working with CPTs, custom fields and dynamic content in Elementor

Are you using custom post types and fields on your website and are curious how Elementor can display the content easily? In this meetup, I’ll create an archive and single template for a custom post type and use the dynamic content feature of Elementor to display the content on the front end.

Elementor — The Whats, Whys and Hows

Join us for this meetup where we’ll discuss all things Elementor. We’ll touch on features of the free and paid versions as well as additional add-ons, themes, starter sites and templates.

Build your brand + make a great impression online

As a freelancer, you know that to be successful, you not only have to work on client work, but also make connections, promote yourself, find new (or better) clients — the list is endless. So where do you begin? By building a strong brand. (Yes, brands are for freelancers, too!) In this session, we’ll talk about concrete steps you can take to build your brand and showcase it online. We’ll cover professional photography, your Uber pitch, social media, design, your website, and more.

Using Automated Email Marketing Sequences

Looking for a way to engage and nurture your audience? Consider email marketing automation. Creating workflows that automatically send emails to your subscribers at specific points is not only easy but extremely effective. In this presentation, we’ll discuss three types of email automations that your business can use today as well as the specifics of implementing each.

Building a Website With WordPress

Welcome to Building a Website with WordPress, offered by Westmoreland County Community College. Here you’ll find plans, notes and links for our four-week class.

Getting Started with Email Marketing on your WordPress Website

In my WordPress Pittsburgh presentation on email marketing, we discussed why businesses should use email marketing, choosing an email marketing platform, setting up your email marketing account, adding forms and popups to your website to get people on the list, when to email people and what to say and driving people back to your website.

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