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4 ways to ensure success when your friend is creating your website for free or cheap

You're starting a new project or business (yay!) and need a website. You don't have a lot of money and it just so happens that your friend creates websites. They've offered to create one for you for free or cheap. Great news, right? Not so fast. Nothing can complicate a friendship more than bringing business into the relationship. Here are four ways to make sure your project goes well AND your friendship survives.

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How to avoid ongoing fees for your WordPress website

If you've ever worked with a developer or agency, they may have tried to sell you an ongoing maintenance package once your website was complete. Maintenance packages can range from $30/month to $199/month (or more) and can include a variety of services. If you're not flush with cash or would rather try to avoid ongoing fees for your WordPress website, you can DIY these services with some time and elbow grease. Let's look at the fees you can get around and those that you won't be able to avoid.

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The Skinny on WordPress themes

You've heard of WordPress themes before, but you're not 100% sure what they are. What do they do? Why do you need one? What's the difference between free, paid and custom themes? Why do people design from scratch? Let's dive in and talk about different theme options and when you'd want to use each one.

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My Favorite Responsive Design Checking Tools

Responsive web design. RWD. You know, when your site looks great on your desktop, tablet AND mobile device. It's important, for sure. Your viewers are using a variety of devices to view your site (check out your sessions by device in Google Analytics). And Google's algorithm gives priority to websites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices. So how do you know what your site actually looks like on all those devices?