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The Skinny on WordPress themes

You've heard of WordPress themes before, but you're not 100% sure what they are. What do they do? Why do you need one? What's the difference between free, paid and custom themes? Why do people design from scratch? Let's dive in and talk about different theme options and when you'd want to use each one.

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My Favorite Responsive Design Checking Tools

Responsive web design. RWD. You know, when your site looks great on your desktop, tablet AND mobile device. It's important, for sure. Your viewers are using a variety of devices to view your site (check out your sessions by device in Google Analytics). And Google's algorithm gives priority to websites that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices. So how do you know what your site actually looks like on all those devices?

Tarot by Persephone

Tarot by Persephone

Sharon Downey was looking for a website to launch her side hustle (tarot reading) while working a full-time job. She worked on the site herself and also with a previous developer, but she needed help putting it all together and getting to the finish line. Read more about how I was able to help Sharon with her site.

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16 Questions for a Better Estimate

In case you hadn't heard, one of the services I offer is website creation. Don't want to do it yourself? No worries. (Likewise, I don't want to do my own taxes or fix my own car.) I have a list of what I offer (including extras), what I need from you and the master plan, but in order to give an accurate estimate on cost and time, I need more information. Here are some questions I typically ask — from the high-level to the specific.

Tom Imerito website layout

Tom Imerito

Tom Imerito is a writer in Pittsburgh, PA. At once drawn to the wonders of modern technology and the mysteries of times long past, Tom's writing centers on the conflicts between science and superstition, reason and religion, faith and doubt. Tom's new book, Heretic's Prayer, was just released, and he was looking for a website to promote it.