Over the weekend, I attended WordCamp Pittsburgh. (Woo!)

WordCamp Pittsburgh also marked my first WordCamp as a presenter! My talk was titled “Your New BFFs – The WordPress Core Tables + The MySQL Database.”

Rene Morozowich speaking at WordCamp Pittsburgh in 2017

If there’s any one, true calling I feel I have in the world of tech, it’s the database. The structure and format of a database speaks to my organized soul. Must. organize. all. the. data.

When I started using WordPress about a year ago, I was immediately curious about how the database worked. What were the WordPress core tables and what data did they store?

Wondering if others were curious as well, I submitted my talk to WordCamp Pittsburgh and was selected as a speaker!

During my research, one of the resources I found was the database description. I noticed a few pieces of information were missing, and two of the relationships were incorrect.

I finished my presentation and gave it at WordCamp, but I asked around about the article and what could be done about the missing and incorrect information.

At the encouragement of a few fellow attendees, I joined the WordPress slack group. I looked around and posed a question to the group, “Hi! I’m totally new around here, but I have a question/possible correction on the database description. Is this the place I should ask and/or can someone direct me to the proper place?”

To which someone replied, “If you want to make a correction, please do so. You can login and edit the page.”

This was about how I felt.

But, having brought it up, I couldn’t back out now. Plus, I knew there were additions and corrections that needed to be made, and if not me, then who?

I’m proud to say I did it. I contributed to the project!

There are tons of ways you can contribute as well (and you don’t even have to be a coder):

In case you’re interested, here are the slides from my presentation or you can watch the full presentation on wordpress.tv.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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