2022 Year in Review

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In the past year, a strange shift has happened — my now-teenager has started to sleep in. Gone are the days of being up before 7AM and having to stick to a schedule, hoping to fill the day with activities-a-plenty so he would be tired at the right time and sleep all night.

Since this change has occurred, I feel an urge to slow down — to not be as speedy as I once was, rushing to do all of the things. It’s a strange feeling for me for sure.

Nonetheless, I did a few things in 2022 and have plans for a productive, and hopefully leisurely 2023.

This is my fifth year in review and I write these so that I can:

  • Look back on what worked and didn’t work for me in the previous year
  • Determine what’s important to me for this year
  • Plan for the year ahead
  • Be able to take action


I always have the most business goals because I love what I do.

Create and update blog posts. I wrote six new blog posts and updated one old post in 2022. I also started posting on my new website, Scenic Route Digital. I’m a big proponent of blogging and even though I have other content on the horizon, I still want to make time for blogging in 2023.

Grow and email my list regularly. I emailed my list every single month. After my July newsletter, I took some time to revisit all of my past newsletters and get a bit more clear on what the newsletter really was. Spoiler: it wasn’t “tips about WordPress” but rather “getting better at business (and life).” The list is small, but I’m proud of it! I started in 2017 and have been consistent throughout the years, sending 63 total emails. I want to continue to email my list monthly in 2023.

I also started a new email list at Scenic Route Digital and hope to email my list twice monthly there. The content will be largely the same, but more focused on creating digital products.

Consistent social media posting. UGHHHHHH.

  • At the beginning of the year I did #tweet100, tweeting once daily for 100 days. I hated it and hated the pressure.
  • In the summer, I started posting more consistently on LinkedIn (including video) and that was mostly okay (except I don’t like LinkedIn as much as I like Twitter).
  • Late in the summer, I created a long Instagram story about a thrift store tour that my partner, son and I did, and then felt it was too personal so I switched my Instagram account to private. I don’t post on Instagram often, I don’t feel very good when I’m over there and I’ve been thinking about getting rid of my account completely.
  • In the fall, I participated in a detox challenge — no guru books, no podcasts and no social media. Late in the year, I went back on social media but not nearly as often.

SO, all that to say that I am not sure what platform I should focus on, how long I should spend there or what I should share. TBD in 2023.

Continue to set 12 Week Year goals. I LOVE THE 12 WEEK YEAR and did one for each quarter in 2022. I also revamped my blog post and added two digital products with templates and videos. I just started my first 12 Week Year for 2023 and plan to keep at it.

Work towards specializing. I made 0 progress in the early part of the year. I had a few ideas that I bounced around (thank you to those who gave me feedback) but not much came of it.

In June, I joined the Authority Labs mastermind and decided to approach specializing from a content perspective. After creating a few videos for LinkedIn, I started to consider doing a YouTube show/podcast because I feel comfortable on video and wanted to have conversations with people who had launched digital products. In October, I recorded my first interviews and the podcast launches in late January 🥳

In September, I started working with a business and mindset coach, Kaitlyn Kessler. We talk during the week on Voxer and it has helped me make HUGE strides in specializing. I feel more comfortable putting myself out there, creating content and working with clients on digital products.

In 2023, I want to:

  • Publish the podcast weekly (alternate between interviews and solo episodes)
  • Create additional content around digital products (lead magnets, blog posts, social posts, etc.)
  • Speak about creating digital products (conferences, podcasts, etc.)
  • Work with clients 1:1 to help them launch their first digital product (I have one case study spot left)


One of my financial goals was to save! I added to my Roth IRA, HSA and SEP IRA.

I continued to use YNAB for my business and personal finances. My son uses it too. We also did a no-spend challenge in January and liked it so much that we’re doing it again this January.

I spent more in 2022 than I have in previous years — on a mastermind, private coaching, a conference and branding/design for my new specialization. It was scary for me as I’m pretty fiscally conservative, but I wanted to make progress in these areas and feel that the results were worth it!

This year, I want to optimize my saving and spending.


I organized two meetups for the Pittsburgh WordPress group, taught a semester-long credit WordPress course and participated in four masterminds. I was also excited to see a group of friends from the Business of WordPress Slack group in June and attend the Recurring Revenue Retreat in November.

On my list for 2023 is:

  • Planning a few meetups for the Pittsburgh WordPress group
  • Attending any conferences that I can (I already have my ticket to WordCamp Phoenix in March)


I finished 12 books in 2022 (and started way more than that). I reread Profit First and The Compound Effect and shared summaries of them on the blog.

I also completed three courses — Million Dollar Consulting, Foundations of Website Accessibility and Podcast Liftoff (which is now a playbook). There were two others that I intended to take but didn’t get around to. (I’m actually doing a survey on courses and would love to know — for the last course you purchased, how much of it did you complete?)

I attended a few webinars and realized that I should try to not attend webinars as I often end up buying the thing they’re selling!

Looking back, I didn’t do as many meetups and podcasts as I did in 2021, but I was on two podcasts and did one interview:

For 2023, I would like to keep reading, take it easy on the courses/webinars, continue to learn from the guests on my podcast and be a guest on a few podcasts.


My personal goals were pretty simple — work on offline projects, get outside, exercise, travel and spend time with loved ones.

  • Early in the year, I sewed masks for Valentine’s Day presents (I love Valentine’s Day) and finished up a book about my dad where I wrote one thing about him every day of 2021.
  • I didn’t spend enough time outside, but I walked a fair amount with my partner and in the fall, we spent time outside chaperoning the marching band when they went to football games and band festivals. Oh, and we went to the Getaway House in October, too.
  • Exercising actually went really well in 2022 — I finished 8 Beachbody programs and worked out 307 times.
  • We did a good bit of travel going to Florida (twice), Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia and Ohio.
  • And we spent a lot of time together in 2022 — making pierogies (church fundraising), making band subs (also fundraising), traveling, going on a thrift store tour, all the band activities, watching movies and playing Here to Slay.
  • Also, one that wasn’t on the list but is worth mentioning — my partner, son and I studied languages on Duolingo all during 2022. If you’re there, let’s be friends!

In 2023, I’d like to keep the same goals.

What about you? How was 2022? What are your plans for 2023? Share with me on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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