Give your website some TLC

A proper, finely-tuned website can be a valuable business tool. In order to get the most out of it, revisit your site regularly. (Yes, YOU. Go look at your site right after you read this!)

Revisit your site back end monthly

Are you keeping your plugins, themes and WordPress core files up to date?

What about backups? Have those all squared away? How are you doing it? Where are they stored? How often are they taken? Is everything automatic?

How secure is your site? Do you have a strong username and password? Do you limit login attempts?

Why is this important? Keeping your site updated and protected and having a recent backup just in case can save you some BIG headaches later.

Revisit your site information every six months

I read an article by Carrie Dils the other day about customer service skills. When she trained new baristas at Starbucks, she took them out from behind the counter on their first day so they could view the store through a customer’s eyes.

Let’s do the same with your website and look at it from a customer’s perspective.

Do you have the most important information about your business on your site?

Is your contact information out of date? Do your forms still work? What about those social feeds?

Is any other information out of date? Are you listing services you no longer offer? Do you offer new services that aren’t reflected on your website?

If you have a blog, have you written a post lately? If you’re too busy, can you refresh an old one?

If you have a mailing list, have you emailed them lately?

How does each page look? Are there any broken links or images?

Why is this important? Nothing is as frustrating to a potential customer as an outdated website. (Well, other than having no website at all.) Make sure your site has all the proper, current and correct information, and make your potential customers happy.

Revisit your goals and the big picture yearly

What were the goals you set for your business and your site?

Are you meeting them? If not, what changes do you need to make? If so, great! Maybe it’s time to set some additional goals and reach a bit higher.

Is there any functionality on your site that you’re not currently using? Could you clean that up?

Why is this important? You’ve spent time, money and energy on your site, make sure it’s working hard for you.

Now, look at your site overall. How do your images look? What about your logo and branding? Does it look dated? Are your posts well-written and targeted at your audience? Are you leveraging social media?

If something here is awry, maybe it’s time to hire a professional — a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer or a social media expert. As a business owner, you may already rely on professionals in other areas (i.e. you’re not your own lawyer, right?). Add these to the list and you can get back to what YOU do best.

Why is this important? A beautiful site with great photos, well-written and current information and shared on social media is magic! Make a great impression with your potential customers and reap the rewards.

Putting some time into your site monthly, semi-annually and annually will ensure you have a business tool that works for you AND your customers.

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