Helpful tools for small business social media management

It’s 2018 and we all know social media is the place to be. But how do you find the time to post often and consistently? 

With tools.

Today we’ll talk about two social media management platforms — Hootsuite and Buffer — along with some additional tools to help you save time and be more active on social media. You’ll be scheduling your social media posts (your own content and valuable content from others) in no time.


Hootsuite is a social media management platform. Their free plan allows you to connect up to three social media profiles, integrate with up to two RSS feeds and schedule up to 30 posts.

Definitely opt for the browser extension (Hootlet) so that when you’re on a page that you want to share on social media, you can do so easily. Hootsuite also has free courses on how to use their platform and social marketing.


Buffer is another awesome social media management platform. Their free plan allows you to connect up to three social accounts and schedule up to 10 posts per account. Get the Chrome browser extension and check out all of the extras that allow you to curate and schedule from various sources.

BulkBuffer is an awesome, third-party scheduling tool. Simply:

  • Create a text file
  • Type up the posts you’d like to schedule (including links)
  • Upload the text file to BulkBuffer
  • Choose the social profiles
  • Push to Buffer

Once you do the above steps, head over to Buffer and reschedule if needed. You also can’t choose images, but if there’s a featured image associated with the link, it will pull that in.

Other Helpful Tools

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts – Auto Post to Social Media is a plugin you can use on your WordPress website to automatically post your links to your social networks. The free version allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook.


Zapier is a free service that connects different web apps together. There are integrations for Buffer, Hootsuite and WordPress


Another tool I love is Feeder is a feed reader and allows you to collect posts from all the sites you follow in one place. 

  • Add their Chrome extension and sign up for a free account
  • Add feeds of blogs you like to read and/or want to share
    • Normally the feed can be found by going to the URL and adding /feed. For example,
  • Organize the feeds into folders if you like
  • Then view posts by site or all posts in the folder you select

When I find a post that looks interesting, I can open it from Feeder and then choose to share it with Hootsuite or Buffer using my Chrome extensions.

Too Much Automation

While automation is a great addition to your social media strategy, don’t let it be your only action. Make sure you visit each of your platforms on a regular basis. Engage and connect with people in real time. 

Combining automation with some old-fashioned posting will help you maximize your social media impact.