One question I’m asked frequently is, “How long does it take to build a website?”

To which I respond, “Well, it depends.”

Do you like puzzles? Have you ever put one together?

How long it takes to complete the puzzle depends on a few things, right? The size of the puzzle. How intricate it is. If you have all the pieces.

Likewise, to give an accurate estimate of how long it takes to build a website, I’d ask:

What size puzzle are we doing? A 12-piece, 100-piece, 500-piece? How large is your site?

What kind of puzzle is it? Is it really intricate or something simple? How complicated is your site?

Do you have all the pieces ready? Do I have all the necessary information to put the puzzle together — usernames, content, images, other assets?

Is there a picture on the box to work from or is it unclear? Do you have a brand (logo, colors, styles)? Do you have a theme?

How involved do you want to be in putting the puzzle together? Do you need training on WordPress or how to update your site?

When do you need the puzzle to be completed? Do you have a target date for release?

In addition, I normally build time into the estimate for calls and emails to discuss the project as well as revisions. Sometimes you need to see something to know if you like it or not, so I fully expect there to be changes. (Since my puzzle analogy doesn’t really work here, maybe think of it like writing a paper. Write a rough draft, make changes, polish it up and end up with your final copy.)

I also have a list of more specific questions here. These allow me to learn more about you and your project, which will allow me to gauge the scope of work and deliver a better estimate on cost and time.

Want to talk about how long it would take for me to complete your project? Contact me to schedule a no-strings-attached 15-minute phone or video call today.

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