New Website & Custom Development for MedNasc

MedNasc is a new company connecting orthopedic specialists with hiring professionals at hospitals and private practices. They use human-in-command matching technology to make high-quality hiring happen faster.

This project occurred in three phases.

Phase 1

  • Site creation using the Jobify theme and WP Engine hosting
  • Coordinating with and adding content from their writer
  • Optimization of images
  • Theme customizations as needed
  • Implementation of WP Job Manager and additional add-ons to secure the correct flow for employers and candidates
  • Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Phase 2

  • Integration with third-party system (TalentBrowser)
  • Integration with Zapier (using SQL Server) to receive and update matched jobs + candidates from TalentBrowser
  • Creation of a custom plugin to create the match custom post type and update the matches with appropriate information
  • Addition of custom templates to display the match information for employers

Phase 3

  • Implementation of employer pre-screening and paid listings

They’re also on one of my care plans where they receive daily backups, weekly WordPress, theme and plugin updates, security and uptime monitoring, database optimization and time for tasks each month.

Jack Thomson, CEO of MedNasc, had this to say about the project:

Prior to hiring Rene, I relied heavily on my business partner and her expertise to filter out possible candidates for the job. When it comes to this type of project, it was important to have a developer who understands the overall vision of what we were trying to accomplish and who’d be able to insert themselves when necessary to help guide us. After speaking with Rene, we knew we’d found the perfect person to team with for our project.

I thought the open and constant communication between all involved was the best and most critical aspect of the success of the MedNasc project. Utilizing Asana, as Rene had recommended, made our lives much easier and kept everyone in the loop on what needed to be done and when.

If you want to see your project come to life in a timely, detailed and sophisticated manner, you’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Rene. Every aspect of this project and our interactions were pleasant and seamless. She was upfront and fair with all of the costs and what they would provide, while alerting us of any potential cost changes do to project needs. I couldn’t endorse her more for another project and will absolutely recommend her in the future.

And Janet Dwyer, CEO of DataScava, had this to say:

Prior to hiring Rene for the MedNasc project, my biggest concern was whether I could identify a seasoned developer with the right mix of hands-on full project life cycle development experience in WordPress website development and SQL Server database experience. We needed a senior person with real-world experience who had the necessary skills to implement a brand-new Job Board using the WordPress Jobify theme and Job Manager plug-in; who could recommend the right technology to use in the integration between the MedNasc site and TalentBrowser, our Job Matching solution; and who could create a custom plugin to provide for communication between the two systems and sharing of data to update the candidate matches with the appropriate information for MedNasc’s employer clients to view.

My favorite part of the MedNasc project was working on a cohesive team that collaborated, communicated and successfully delivered the vision of Jack Thomson, the founder of MedNasc. Rene was 100% reliable, helpful and an absolute delight to work with, and absolutely key to the project’s success.

I would say to my best friend, “Rene Morozowich is one of the best technical people I have worked with in the past ten years that I’ve been working in software development. I recommend Rene unequivocally, and give her my highest possible endorsement. She is professional, hard-working and trustworthy. She’s also nice! I am looking forward to working with Rene on future projects and believe the excellent working relationship we’ve formed will be a lifelong one. Hire her now!”

Mednasc home page
Mednasc home page
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