New Website & Ongoing Care for ECE Insights

Meg Franko is an established researcher in early childhood policy, program implementation, and systems building. ECE Insights launched in 2021 to serve a key need in the early childhood sector: reliable data delivered on a real-world schedule and communicated in a digestible and compelling way.

I was able to help Meg by:

  • Managing the project and guiding her on content creation for her new site
  • Creating a mobile-friendly WordPress site with designs by Tara Taylor
  • Setting up and integrating Mailchimp
  • Training via Zoom and Loom videos
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Recommending MissingLettr and training on how to use it to share her blog posts

Meg is also on a care plan where she receives premium managed WordPress hosting, advanced caching + CDN, daily backups, weekly WordPress, theme and plugin updates, security and uptime monitoring, database optimization and time for tasks each month.

Here’s what Meg had to say about working together:

I knew that I didn’t have the capacity to develop a website on my own, and that if I did, it wouldn’t have the professional look I was going for. I was thrilled to be connected with Rene, who guided me through the whole process and took the work and worry of website development off my plate. Rene was so easy to work with. She put together a project schedule that included timelines for me to provide content, which really kept me on track. She also created brief videos to walk me through different aspects of the website development. I was able to watch those on my own time and go back to them whenever I needed. She made complex information super clear.

Rene is smart and organized and, best of all, she delivers. She created an incredibly effective site and is continuing to support me in its upkeep. Rene has also offered additional help with my social media marketing that is like an extra cherry on top of a really sweet cake!

ECE Insights home page
ECE Insights home page
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