New Website & Ongoing Care for Nancy LaFever, Editorchick

Nancy LaFever is a professional book editor specializing in developmental editing. Nancy came to me when her previous site was inaccessible, and we decided it was a good time to start fresh.

I was able to help Nancy by:

  • Advising on and configuring a new WordPress hosting account
  • Consulting on design and site layout
  • Creating a brand new site with her content and images
  • Configuring Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Training her on adding and changing content via Zoom and Loom videos
  • Assisting with website policies

Nancy is also on one of my care plans where she’ll receive daily backups, weekly WordPress, theme and plugin updates, security and uptime monitoring, database optimization, a monthly care report and time for tasks each month.

Here’s what Nancy had to say about the project:

My biggest concern before hiring Rene was that I’d hired a web designer for a previous version of my site and it did not end well. Due to a variety of circumstances, the majority of my site’s content disappeared. So essentially, I was starting from scratch. Rene realized I needed some hand holding and more initial attention due to this history. She totally delivered on that aspect.

Rene’s guidance, primarily in terms of helpful Loom videos and patient explanation of the process, was instrumental in making this relatively painless. While I had prior experience working in WP, I needed a refresher.

I’d say don’t even hesitate – HIRE HER! And although her rates were fair and reasonable, they might be a stopper for the “DIY” crowd. But a professional who knows her craft is worth it and more!

Editorchick home page
Editorchick home page
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