Ongoing Care & Email Marketing for Chic Bahamas Weddings

Marva Munroe is an award-winning Caribbean wedding planning expert with extensive experience coordinating and producing international events for more than sixteen years.

Marva was in the process of a complete website overhaul, but the developer was not able to see the project through to completion. I finished the remaining work and with the assistance of designer Kelly Ashworth, helped Marva get to the finish line.

Once released, Marva signed up for one of my care plans where she receives daily backups, weekly WordPress, theme and plugin updates, security and uptime monitoring, database optimization, a monthly care report and time for tasks each month.

Marva was also looking to build her email list. The new site has several calls to action to sign up. Once they do, they receive a welcome email directing them back to key points on the site.

Here’s what Marva had to say about working together:

Rene took over our project from another company. She was exceptional. Her responses were speedy and our project was completed on time. My favorite part of the project was Rene’s quick responses and solutions to any hurdles that needed to be overcome. If you’re seeking a website overhaul and monthly maintenance with valuable reports, hire Rene! She won’t disappoint.

Chic Bahamas Weddings welcome email
Chic Bahamas Weddings welcome email
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