New Website & Ongoing Care for Hands on Moxie

Hands on Moxie Massage Therapy is located in Greensburg, PA and focuses on injury prevention and injury recovery. Owner Nicole Cribbs created Hands on Moxie in 2019 to provide a therapeutic, sports-based massage to get every client back in action or performing optimally in their everyday activity. Hands on Moxie, a sister business to Sound Supplements and Virtus Barbell, needed their own website to showcase their services.

I was able to help Nicole by:

  • Advising on images and content
  • Designing a website that highlighted her existing branding and logo
  • Creating a mobile-friendly WordPress site
  • Integrating MassageBook, their appointment scheduling platform
  • Adding Local SEO schema
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Hosting and maintaining her site

Here’s what Nicole had to say about the project:

I fear most things related to technology. I was really afraid that Rene would find it annoying that I understand NOTHING about how this process works or even what the internet world is capable of doing. I really stressed that I wouldn’t be able to articulate the vision in my head in a way that made sense to be able to get it on a screen. None of my fears came true. I don’t know how Rene does it but she figured out how to not only interpret my scrambled thoughts, but also explain things that were way over my head so that I could understand them.

My favorite part of the process was watching the site evolve and go through the different reviews. It was amazing to be able to play around with different ideas and then suddenly they all came together.

Rene is basically the most patient and kind person I have ever met. I know less than zero about her job and she made me feel like I was always extremely involved in the process, even if I didn’t know what was going on, Rene explained it in a way that was clear.

Hands on Moxie home page
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Hands on Moxie home page
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