Strategy & New Website for Marianna Coiffure

Marianna Faitos is a bespoke hair stylist in Manhattan. She reached out because she was unhappy with her one-page Wix site and wanted to look for ways to optimize her online presence.

For this project, we started with a strategy session. I analyzed Marianna’s site and social channels and recommended that she:

  • Look for ways to help and educate her target audience (women 25-55 who have color done)
  • Optimize her Instagram presence by posting more regularly and mixing it up with some text posts
  • Add content to her website, giving people a reason to stay longer
  • Ask her current clients for online reviews, referrals and testimonials
  • Claim her Google My Business listing
  • Consider creating and posting videos to YouTube
  • Starting a mailing list

Marianna wanted to move forward with a WordPress website and I was able to help her by:

  • Creating a new, responsive site
  • Advising on WordPress-specific hosting
  • Helping her choose and configure a new domain name
  • Revising the design to account for new branding
  • Ensuring that her site was fast and secure
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Training her in the new functionality via Loom videos

Here’s what Marianna had to say about the project:

Before I started working with Rene, I was worried that because of my lack of knowledge whoever I hired would take advantage of me. Rene was supportive and helpful throughout the process and made it so easy to trust her.

My favorite part of the project was the fact that although I was helped and guided along the way Rene never imposed her ideas only. She showed me her ideas and also mine and then we would collaborate to get the best result. I am so happy that I wasn’t bullied into making the site look like someone else had taken over. I am proud that I was part of the entire process, because she allowed for it!

I am a complete novice when it comes to these things. Rene has more patience than you could possibly imagine. She is realistic, professional and kind. She never made me feel as though my questions were stupid (even though they most likely were). I was sent guided videos to use to help me along the way and also to return to in order to make my life easier. Getting to the end result for me wasn’t easy because I was so unsure and she helped me by changing what I wanted and then also willing to change it back when I wasn’t quite sure.

I recommend her to ANYONE who is looking for someone knowledgeable, punctual, and helpful!

Marianna Coiffure home page
Marianna Coiffure home page
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