Online Store & Email Marketing for Melissa Gregersen Photography

Melissa Gregersen is a Kalamazoo, Michigan photographer specializing in wedding photography, newborn photography, family photography, and seniors.

Online shop

Melissa got in touch with me because she wanted to add an online shop to her website to sell access to her Photography 101 course.

I was able to:

  • Advise Melissa on the tools and plugins that would best support her goal
  • Add and configure Easy Digital Downloads for the virtual products
  • Create two digital products for the Photography 101 course and manual photography cheat sheet
  • Add coupon codes for customers to use during the checkout process
  • Integrate purchases with her existing MailChimp list
  • Add affiliate links and images to her website
  • Create instructional videos so that Melissa can add and configure additional products in the future
Melissa Gregersen Photography shop page
Melissa Gregersen Photography shop page

Landing page

After implementing the online shop, Melissa wanted to drive traffic to her course.

Using MailChimp, we created a landing page to collect email addresses, offering those who signed up a free manual camera and photography definitions PDF.

Melissa Gregersen Photography landing page
Melissa Gregersen Photography landing page

After signup, the visitor was sent to a thank you page where they could obtain their download.

We also set up two automated follow up emails sent three and seven days after signup. This nurture sequence:

  • Offered additional value by directing them to a private Facebook group where they could learn more about photography education
  • Reminded them of the Photography 101 course video, available for purchase on her website

Read what Melissa had to say about the project.

My biggest concern before starting this project was not knowing how to work my website. I knew I needed to have a shop page set up and I wanted it to be streamlined and easy for my customers, but I just didn’t know how. After working with Rene, the shop page is done and looking great! Rene was great at communication through the whole process, and that is so key when someone like me doesn’t know what they are doing and really doesn’t know the processes, but knows what end result she wants. I learned a lot along the way.

Rene was very open, approachable, happy to help and offer suggestions and advice, and made the process very stress free for me. I would for sure recommend Rene to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and makes the process as stress free as possible on her clients. I am so grateful we were able to work together and I look forward to the next time as she will be the one I reach out to first when I have another project to work on with my website! I will be singing her praises to others as well!!

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