Creating an email sequence with MailerLite

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MailerLite is my new favorite email marketing platform! Today I want to show you how to create an automated email sequence with MailerLite and add a sign up form to your WordPress website.

Write your emails

Before you dive into MailerLite or WordPress, sit down and write those emails. I like Google docs, but use whatever platform makes sense for you. Don’t forget:

  • A compelling subject for each email (often this comes last!)
  • An intro (personalize it if you like)
  • The body text
  • A conclusion
  • A closing
  • And if it makes sense, a P.S.

I like to sprinkle calls to action in my emails. For example, in my first email, I’ll ask people to respond. In my last, I might ask them to book a call.

Writing all of your emails first will ensure that setting up the automation is quick and painless.

Create a workflow in MailerLite

I’m going to assume that you already have a MailerLite account. If not, go sign up.

Add a group

After you have everything set up and your account configured, go to Subscribers, Groups and add a new group. I like to name my group based on what the automation is. For example, the automation in the video below has to deal with calls to action, so I named my group CTA Email Sequence.

Add a workflow

Now that the group is set up, go to Automation, Create a new workflow. I name my workflow the same as the group so it’s easier for me.

Kick it off

The workflow needs to begin with a trigger — how does the automation kick off? In this example, look for the option when the subscriber joins the group.

Create an email

So when the subscriber joins the group, I want to send them an email. In the email options, I enter my subject and from name/address. Then I can design the email.

I like to use the rich text editor as I think it’s a little more personal. I want this email to look like a regular email I would send. Copy and paste your content, removing any extra spaces. Also consider changing the font size. Bigger is better and easier to read.

You can also personalize the greeting using MailerLite’s personalization tag {$name}.

Add a delay

Next, add a delay. In this example, I used a delay of one day, but it’s totally up to you.


Now, repeat the above steps (create an email and add a delay) for as many emails as you have.

Wrap it up

At the end, you might want to add the person to your regular list. You can add an action, copy to a group and choose your regular group.

Lastly, don’t forget to turn the automation on!

Sign up form

Now that you automation is created, you need a way to get people subscribed. There are two ways to do this — generating the code from MailerLite OR using a WordPress plugin.

Create a form in MailerLite

In MailerLite, go to Forms. There are a few types of forms including popups (traditional, top/bottom bar and side slide-ins), landing pages and embedded forms.

In this example, I chose an embedded form. I named the form the same and chose the group I wanted to tie the form to.

Customize the design, format and content for both the subscribe form AND success message in any way you choose! I also added first name since I used it in the email.

After you customize your form, grab the HTML code on next screen. In my example, I added this to my footer using the Text widget (you can also use the Custom HTML widget).

Use a WordPress plugin

If you’d rather use a plugin, check out the official MailerLite plugin. Install and activate, then connect the plugin to your MailerLite account with an API key (check under MailerLite, Settings in the WordPress back end — it will walk you through the steps to generate a key).

Now under Sign up forms, choose add a form and custom form. Give the form the same name as you used for your group and workflow, then choose the group.

Make whatever changes you’d like to the description, success message, fields and other settings. You’ll see a shortcode that you can grab to use on any post or page, or you can add the MailerLite widget to your sidebar or footer under Appearance, Widgets.

One thing about this method is that the form will match your site a bit more because it will use the styling from your theme.


Hey, a video! Watch how I create an email sequence and sign up form.

I didn’t mention in the video, but Zapier has some neat connections between WordPress and MailerLite. Check them out!

Want to sign up for the sequence I created in the video? Sign up here.

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