What’s one thing you can act on to make your website better today?

Today I want you to do something for me. I want you to go to your website and take a look around. Your potential and existing customers visit, but when is the last time you did?

While you’re looking around, I want you to find one thing to change — something that will make your site better. It also should be something you can act on today, and it doesn’t matter matter how small.

What are some examples?

Anything, really. You could:

  • Update your copyright information
  • Publish a blog post
  • Scan your site for broken links (and then fix them or add redirects)
  • Correct a piece of information that’s wrong or out of date
  • Update and add new products or offerings
  • Remove products or services that you no longer offer
  • Update your photo or bio
  • Add one piece of helpful information that’s missing
  • Add one clear call to action
  • Look at your site on mobile and determine if anything needs to be changed
  • Test your page speed and make changes as needed
  • Take a backup
  • Update your plugins or theme
  • Optimize your database (love this comprehensive article by wpmudev)
  • Ask a friend to look at your site and give one suggestion you can implement (Hey, you can ask me, too. Contact me here.)

Why *just* one thing?

So why just one thing when (if your to-do lists are anything like mine) so many things need to be done?

Because it’s easy. Because you can do it quickly. And because you’ll feel good that you accomplished something!

Have you ever heard of the two-minute rule? The first part is that if a task takes less than two minutes to do, you should do it now. Read more about How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the Two-Minute Rule.

So I’ve done one thing.


Let’s say you want to keep going. That you want to get into the habit of checking on your website more often.

Keep it small, like we did today. Set a reminder on your calendar to look at your website once a week, but remember to keep the time to a minimum.

The task will be easy to accomplish and you’ll feel good that you did it. Your website will start to show growth instead of stagnation. You’ll want to keep repeating the habit.

Small actions repeated consistently over time lead to great results! (Source: my experience, Practical Discipline and The Compound Effect.)

So tell me — what one thing are you going to do today?

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