Three quick and easy ways to use email automation in your small business

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Many entrepreneurs and small businesses use an email marketing platform to send monthly or quarterly newsletter-style updates, but did you know you can use email automation in other ways?

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to use email automation in your business today.

Potential clients

First let’s start with potential clients. The first question that many potential clients have is about pricing. Add a form to your website where potential clients can request your pricing guide via email.

Once that’s sent, they’re on your list and you can send additional follow-up emails to gauge interest and continue to nurture your lead.

The whole process might look like this:

  • A visitor fills out a form on your website to request pricing information
  • A workflow kicks off and an automatic email is sent delivering the pricing information
  • A follow up email is sent a few days later asking if they have any questions
  • An additional follow up email is sent a few days after that with additional information
  • You could even consider recording a quick video to include in one of these emails for an added personal touch

Creating a sequence of emails allows you to quickly serve and nurture potential customers without having to spend precious time answering the same questions over and over.

New clients

A great time to email a new client is immediately after they book but before their engagement. Think about what you tell your clients before an engagement now. Examples might include:

  • What they need to know about working with you
  • How they should prepare for their engagement
  • What to expect during and after their engagement with you
  • When and how do they pay (if they haven’t paid already)

Sending helpful information to your new clients will not only allow them to get to know you a bit better, but will help them feel relaxed and prepared to work with you. (Plus you’ll look super professional in the process.)

Existing clients

Consider creating a follow up sequence that kicks off after you complete the client’s project.

You could include emails like:

  • A warm thank you for choosing you. Ask them to tag you if they share any information on social media so that you can join the conversation
  • A request for for feedback. Include a link for a Google or Facebook review or direct them to a custom form on your website where you can ask your own questions
  • A request for a referral. Sweeten the deal by giving a discount to your client and the potential client

I know you’re already providing a great service to your client — using email automation can add an extra personal touch that your clients will appreciate.

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